• Find the optimal packaging

    and reduce operational costs


    The Innovation Lab has the expertise
    and equipment to help you find the
    best possible packaging solution

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  • UPS Approved Spirits Packaging


    Safe spirits and wine
    packaging – tested and
    certified by UPS

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  • Social Distancing Products


    View our range of
    social distancing products
    to help get your business back to work.

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  • We’re here for you


    COVID-19 Update:
    Learn more about our plans in
    response to the COVID–19 crisis.

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  • Order Online


    Supporting remote working
    with 24-hour order placement.

    Call us to find out more: 01908 512 920

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  • apps买球

    而所谓防、市容、环卫等多方面条件、可用作停车资源的空间更为有限。如果想要 对现有场地进行改造,除审批繁琐之外,场地改造等成本也十分高昂。以重庆为例,记者之前了解到,由于地形起伏较大加上平地空间有限,某些地区一个停车位的 建设成本甚至高达15万元左右,投资回报率十分不明显。 More info