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Today in context, September 23, 2020


Britannica Beyond
Advocacy for Animals
Presenting Advocacy for Animals, a blog focused primarily on animal rights, wildlife conservation, environmental health and safety, and the legal and cultural issues related to these topics. This blog is a source of information and a call to action. It is meant to be a provocation and a stimulus to thought regarding humanity’s relationship with nonhuman animals.
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 文章称,无论如何,专家认为,“斯坦尼斯”号航母战斗群在南海的出现是美国对中国以及地区国家发出的明确信号。前美国海军舰长、新美国安全中心的专家杰瑞-亨德里克斯(Jerry Hendrix)表示,凭借全套航母战斗群以及指挥舰,美国海军表现出其利益范围和在全世界投放力量的能力。
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